Location of Torre Aquileia
A key element of the "New Centrality"

The Torre plan is tightly integrated with the redevelopment project ("The new centralities") for Piazza Internazionale, Via Aleardi and Piazza Mazzini, which extends as far as the shore in continuity with Via Bafile and the sea approaches. The redevelopment plan proposes a “crosswise system” of entry as an alternative to the traditional longitudinal system of via Bafile and via Trentin.

Leaving the car at Piazza Internazionale, a pedestrian route begins, planted with trees, broken up into areas of shade, light, and recreation and leading all the way to the sea. The project underlines the particular centrality of the area, establishing a strong union in terms of space with the different areas: a precise identity that contrasts with the current state of disorder and fragmentation.

The identity of the public areas is created by the spatial unity of the new paving and by the trees that filter the light and lead to Piazza Mazzini, where areas for shows and relaxation are planned.

Torre Aquileia symbolises this new identity of Jesolo, and becomes the architectural point of reference on a territorial scale, dominating the marine landscape and that of the shoals and expanses of the Venice Lagoon.