torre aquileia
Esclusive and contemporary
Innovation and Privacy

|...| In the face of contemporary confusion, Ferrater proposes an architecture of lucidity and calm, measure and material elegance.

Instead of retreating into the wilderness of theory, he declares an optimistic engagement with present-day realities. In contrast to those who advocate a clean break and those who rely too literally upon the past, he suggests that it is best to innovate by extending earlier modern architecture in a critical way, and by interpreting the generic features of a context.

His attitude to technology is inventive without being celebratory or servile, for in the end he seeks techniques for expressing architectural ideas in a simple and direct way. In this quest for a genuine language, humble requirements are regarded as important, and the pragmatic is understood as a way towards the poetic. Construction and function are transformed through a process of abstraction. Spaces designed for daily use are ennobled by proportion.

The elements of structure are dematerialised in striations of shadows and vibrating lines of light.

Prolog of the Monograph of Carlos Ferrater Ed. Actar Bcn. 2000, William J. R. Curtis