torre aquileia
The Tower

Torre Aquileia and the public spaces of Via Aleardi and Piazza Mazzini are connected with the insertion of a newly created third square, the “New Piazza Aquileia” covering 2000 sqm; a high-quality private space overlooked by shops, cafés and a restaurant all gathered within a two-storey commercial complex.

The commercial building encloses the square on three sides and opens onto Piazza Mazzini with the entrance to the restaurant and solarium; the broken line of its shape wraps around the base of the Torre and forms a unified background that sets off the architectural variety of the surroundings. The Torre project envisages the construction of 84 apartments spread over 21 floors, in addition to the ground floor (of double height) where the lobby, some commercial activities and the cafeteria are located.
The building is based on a symmetric polygonal plan, with the distributive nucleus of staircases and lifts at the centre. The polygonal shape provides multiple viewpoints over the marine and lagoon panorama, and every apartment can face the sea, the lagoon or both landscapes; at the same time, the innovative configuration of the plan means that the privacy of individual apartments is maintained, enhancing the exclusive interior - exterior layout.

The particular design of the facades creates a network of “intermediate spaces”: the terraces are conceived as a projection of the inside space and a mediation of the outside space. The structure of the facade is suspended from the roof, consisting of a system of intersecting “sails”, which when lit up become a night-time landmark.
A purposelydesigned interweaving sliding screening system protects the terraces from the sun yet allows the windows of the apartments to remain visible, lending an air of lightness to the Tower. This feeling of lightness is further enhanced by the point of connection with the ground, rendered transparent by the glazed double-height walls of the entrance.